Kalimat Group subsidiary presents ‘Leveled Reading’

Arabic reading techniques to school teachers in Oman



Sharjah,22 October, 2017


Horouf, a subsidiary of Kalimat Group, the first publishing house in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing Arabic books, recently held a two-day training session in Muscat, Oman for teachers and heads of departments on how to help young students develop their Arabic reading skills.


At the centre of this workshop was Horouf’s Leveled Reading series, which was launched to facilitate a system that allows children to progress through various reading levels starting from kindergarten to primary school. The series comprises a total of 144 books split into three levels, each one comprising 12 categories tailored to the reading level of children.


The Leveled Reading technique offers an easy yet effective approach to reading in Arabic, taking the child smoothly from one level to the next, engaging them into the fiction world and building a special relationship with each book’s characters.


The training facilitated by the Oman Ministry of Education, is the latest in a series of efforts that Horouf has been making to reach out to schools and educators, to familiarise teaching staff with the innovative techniques contained within the Leveled Reading book series, demonstrating how these techniques can be seamlessly incorporated to make a more effective school curriculum.


The programme included workshops and practical sessions on how to take the children on a steady journey to enhance their Arabic reading skills and extend their vocabulary throughout the stages, a unique system which encourages children to not only improve their literacy but also encourage a love of books, an essential part of their development.


Malak Obeid, editor and manager of Horouf believes teaching children to read and appreciate Arabic literature is fundamental to both culture and education.


“With the Leveled Reading series of books, children as young as four or five years old can begin to grasp the basics of the language through the first levels of picture-led pages. They will be introduced to various Arabic letter pronunciations, punctuations and accents in a creative, fun and informative way,” she said.


She added: “The training sessions and workshops help teachers to understand theory and practice of the technique and how to apply it in the classroom in the most successful way, inspiring their students to progress through structured but enjoyable stages which develop at a natural pace.


“Our previous training days have all proved to be highly effective and we look forward to reaching many more educational establishments and institutions in the future and helping them to apply this valuable learning tool.”


Since its inception, Kalimat Group participated in 50 international book fairs worldwide, and distributed its books in more than 16 countries and 3,000 schools. The group prides itself in publishing the highest-quality books, 30 of which have won prestigious Arab and international awards. Since its inception, Kalimat Group has collaborated with more than 70 authors and 100 illustrators from around the world and translated more than 42 Arabic books into foreign languages. So far, Kalimat Group has published more than 300 Arabic titles.





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Lubna Al Otaibi

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