Grand celebrations featuring unique attractions are pulling in big festive crowds


Sharjah, 02 September 2017



Hundreds of visitors are making their way to one of Sharjah’s most popular attractions, the Al Majaz Waterfront, to be welcomed by a spectacular offering of Eid Al Adha entertainment.


The waterfront experienced a packed house on the first day of Eid. From 5:30pm to 9:30pm, residents were seen making the most of their time with friends and family, being treated to exceptional acrobatic shows, daring fire artists and stunning balancing acts. Children followed the roaming parade who lit up the evening with spunky colours of their LED costumes, and grown-ups tapped enthusiastically to the reverberating rhythm of their beating drums.


The stunning waterfront, flanked by the lagoon on one side and some of the city’s most stunning architecture on the other, is sparkling with the smiles and merriment of visitors of all age groups. This exceptional atmosphere will continue until Sunday, 3rd September, where the visitors’ senses will be tickled by innovative circus acts, the heart satisfied with delectable Eid cuisine across a variety of international restaurants, and lifelong memories made with some perfect ‘selfie’ moments capturing the buzz around.   


The unique array of leisure and entertainment options on offer at Al Majaz Waterfront, make it a must-visit for the entire family this Eid.


Attached photos during Eid Celebrations.




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