Vegetarian Dishes Showcased at SCRF

Swedish chef shares health meat-less recipes with visitors


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Sharjah, April 20, 2017


Swedish chef Nina Olsson brought her innovative vegetarian culinary creations to the visitors of the X Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, which started on Wednesday.

As she prepared the Watermelon Poke, which is featured in her book Bowls of Goodness, Olsson told her audience why they should eat more seaweed. “Seaweed grows under the water and is not harvested as much as vegetables that grow on land. That’s why they have more nutrients,” she said. She added that biodynamic research show that seaweed can in fact be seen as a solution for the problems of world ecology.

Nina Olsson is enthusiastic about meat-free cooking because, she says, it’s more unusual. “It requires a bit more creative thinking. My palette includes healthy ingredients and from there I try to make tasty dishes,” she says like the true artist that she is – in addition to developing and writing recipes, Olsson is also a photographer, stylist and art director.

Her artistic background has given her insight into new trends in conceptualizing food. “We’re living in a time that food has become extremely visual,” she said. “Bowls are super hype, they’re the reaction against the 80s trend of layering food. Everything goes into it and they embody the feeling of coziness, comfort and good wholesome homemade food.”

Even though it is her first time in the Middle East, Olsson admits that she is a great fan of Middle Eastern cooking. “The flavors are fresh, vivid and tangy especially if you come from Sweden where the flavors are very bleak,” she said.


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