Culinary experts include Damu, Elsherbiny and Maysoon Abu Shakra


Sharjah, 19 October, 2017


Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), the world’s third largest book fair, will host an impressive line-up of celebrity chefs who will participate in its Cookery Corner programme. These culinary luminaries will include Michelin star chefs and Guinness world record holders from India, Canada, the UK, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.


The invited kitchen virtuosos will be imparting their food preparation skills to visitors through a series of live demonstrations at SIBF 2017, which runs from November 1-11 at Expo Centre Sharjah. The culinary experts will be hosting masterclasses, sharing their expertise with the audience and signing copies of their bestselling cookbooks.


Acknowledging the huge Asian community in the UAE and the popularity of Indian dishes in the country, SIBF 2017 will feature three popular chefs from the Indian subcontinent, with the first being Raj Kalesh, who is known to audiences in this part of the word through his ‘Taste of Kerala’ cookery show. Primarily based on the cuisine of South Indian state, Kerala, the show reveals the preparation of traditional dishes which have been passed down several generations.


The second Indian chef participating at SIBF 2017 is Mira Manek, who has made it her mission to educate those unfamiliar with Indian food that it is not all about overpowering flavours and heavy cream dishes. Being Gujarati, Mira is a strong advocate of her culture’s vegetable-based cuisine, which is lighter and healthier than other dishes commonly served in India.


The third Indian chef who holds the distinction of being the first Indian chef to win a PhD in hotel management and catering technology. The holder of an impressive three Guinness records in the culinary field, Damu the ‘Dr. Chef’ is a household name in the Malayali community, having appeared as a juror in ‘Dhe Chef,’ the cooking reality show on Mazhavil Manorama. Damu has made South India cuisine his speciality from his fascination with its medicinal properties.


Bringing the flavours of the Far East to Sharjah will be Pailin Chongchitnant. Originally from Thailand and now living in Vancouver, Canada, Pailin learned her craft at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco, USA, where she was trained in the classical French cooking methods. Despite being immersed in the European culinary style, Pailin kept finding herself drawn to her Thai roots, which has influenced her dishes. As someone who saw the potential of social media at an early stage, she now has over 180,000 YouTube followers.


The delights of North African cuisine will be celebrated with the attendance of Moroccan chef Khawla Aissane who travelled to more than 600 islands around the world, being inspired by the different cuisines and spreading the flavour of her homeland to new taste buds. Khwala’s strong presence on social media has allowed her to share her experiences and knowledge of different flavours from across the globe.


The flavour of Levantine cuisines, especially sweet dishes, will be presented by Jordanian chef Myasoon Abu Shakra who will share her skills in preparing delicious fruit chocolate dessert recipes. For the first time in the history of the book fair, live sessions on cake-making and frosting will be hosted daily by Jordanian pastry chef, Hanan Farah.     


The wonders of local cuisine will be explored by Daad Abu Jaber, who specialises in creating flavoursome Jordanian dishes. Nurturing a passion for cooking since her childhood, Daad honed her array of culinary skills through practice, research and travel. A natural talent in the kitchen, she stood out from the crowd with her inspired personal recipes, gaining a strong following as a result. The author of a cook book ‘Ala Maeidat Daad,’ Daad is also currently the host of ‘Ahla Jamaa,’ ‘Teslam Al Ayadi’ and ‘Fatafeat Magazine Show.’


Renowned Egyptian chef Abdelsamei Elsherbiny learned his culinary skills from his father, who served as a head chef at the Armed Forces Officers’ Club at Al Zamalek in Cairo. After working for a time in Germany, Elsherbiny returned to join Hilton International as kitchen manager. Throughout his career, chef Elsherbiny has hosted several TV shows, most notably ‘Sofra Dayma’ on the Hayat TV Channel and ‘Chef’ on the CBC Sofra Channel.


Representing UK cuisine at SIBF 2017 will be Kate Young, who draws the inspiration for her culinary artistry from the world of literature – something that makes her inclusion at the book fair especially apt. Kate runs a highly popular food and recipe blog titled ‘The Little Library Café’ and is a regular contributor to publications in the UK, including the renowned The Guardian newspaper. Her first authored publication ‘The Little Library Cookbook’ is due to hit the book shelves this month.


One of the most exciting and fashionable modern-day chefs, Niklas Ekstedt from Sweden, and the owner of Stockholm’s Michelin-starred restaurant EKSTEDT, will use the SIBF platform to further his passion for bringing innovative Nordic cooking to the world. Author of close to five cookbooks and sought-after celebrity in the culinary world, Niklas will reveal fascinating secrets of an age-old culinary tradition that remains fairly unexplored.


As well as the Cookery Programme, the 36th edition of SIBF will include the Kids’ Activities Programme, the Cultural Activities Programme, the Cultural Café and the Social Media Station. 




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1- Daad Abu Jaber

2- Damu the ‘Dr. Chef’

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