Aims for women and children to play an effective role in sport and community

Sharjah, September 26, 2017

In keeping with its dedication to enhance collaboration with Sharjah’s state entities and departments in harnessing the skills of women and children in sports and society, the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) has recently signed a partnership agreement with the UAE Chess Federation and its affiliated clubs. The agreement seeks to build the capabilities of women and children particularly in chess and subsequently stimulate their overall potential for more creativity, innovation and excellence.

The agreement reflects the strengthening of SLC’s efforts in enhancing the role of women and children in society through sport and is a reiteration of the importance of joint initiatives to intensify efforts in developing and supporting these important sections of community.

Khawla Al Serkal, Director General of SLC pointed out: “This agreement highlights SLC’s eagerness to collaborate with the emirate’s governmental and non-governmental entitiesto extend the knowledge of chess in the eastern and central regions of Sharjah since SLC has other branches Through this important agreement, we have enhanced collaboration with one of the leading chess federations in the region and are certain that the initiative will go a long way in enhancing the capabilities of women and children in chess, and contribute to their overall development.”

Al Serkal underscored that the UAE Chess Federation is a key incubator for chess players of all levels, and that this partnership will provide an important section of society access to the best expertise in the game.

For his part, HE Dr. Sarhan Hassan Al Muaini, President of UAE Chess Federation, said: “We pride ourselves in successfully establishing this partnership with SLC, one of the leading strategic sponsors of women in UAE, particularly in Sharjah. Through this partnership, we strive to contribute to enhancing the participation of women and children in all fields, especially in this game. We are also keen to discover and develop talents in chess at local and regional levels.”

“This agreement paves the way for a knowledge and information exchange, fundamental to supporting women and encouraging children in sports as well as to boosting their stature and capabilities. It also strives to establish a productive partnership between the two institutions that seeks to harness the efforts, plans and strategies to launch sport activities and tournaments,” he added.

Through the agreement, the two bodies plan to launch competitions and periodic events in favour of women and children in the long term, given that chess is one of the most celebrated games of intellect. The agreement also seeks to elevate skills of women and children, build their capabilities and stimulate their creativity and innovation. Furthermore, it contributes to uniting the efforts of both entities in launching plans and initiatives that align with their social role in the field of sport, and highlights SLC’s dedication to launch an array of events that aim to promote culture, empower women and children, and provide them with the opportunity pursue their hobbies.

SLC is a subsidiary of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA). Since its inception in 1982, it has been dedicated to facilitating leisure and educational activities for women and children, and organising events that relate to society, art, health and charity, with its activities including bazaars, exhibitions, sports, seminars and forums.

Designed to be a unique leisure and learning space, SLC boasts an array of world-class facilities and offers numerous high-end services, making it one of the best-of-its-kind facilities in the Middle East.



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