UAE Women’s Day emphasises government guidelines for empowering women



Sharjah 2015 census figures show a flourishing women’s business climate in Sharjah




Sharjah, 28 August 2017

The role played by Emirati women in building the country and leading its prosperity has been proven in all fields, with business no exception. Since the establishment of the union, women in the UAE have left their clear mark on the country’s economic and business climate, successfully establishing a fertile environment to set up an array of profitable projects and ventures. The fact that women are playing a pivotal role in extending the concept of women’s work is a prime example of the integration of all members of society to serve the advancement aspirations of the country’s leadership.


The remarkable efforts of the UAE’s working women have been revealed by Sharjah’s Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD). The organisation, which serves to generate data essential in monitoring the progress of society, has provided a database indicating the maturity of the women’s work environment in Sharjah and the high levels of economic performance it provides. The publication of the Sharjah Census 2015 highlights the remarkable effectiveness of the development process pursued by the emirate and the UAE as a whole.

DSCD’s census figures show that there are 132,542 working women in the Emirate of Sharjah (including Central and Eastern cities), with 1,314 working in a self- employed capacity, 1,419 classed as employers, 54 running private businesses from home and 535 working while studying. The figures reveal that there are 4,762 women working within the federal government, 7,579 employed in the local government, 1,138 working in quasi-government organisations and 2,182 in the private sector.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani, Chairman of DSCD, drew attention to the fact that of the total figure of working women, 14,597 are Emiratis, with 84 of these being self-employed, 59 employers and 291 working and studying simultaneously. He pointed to the status of Emirati women in leading the development march, highlighting that their efforts are a vital societal building block and essential for the country’s progress and advancement.


“The figures revealed in the DSCD census clearly indicate that the Emirati woman is dynamic in realising her dreams and ambitions and as such, has become an important partner in the UAE’s pursuance of societal and economic development. Emirati women have proved their incredible qualities thanks to the efforts exerted by our leadership to empower them and develop their abilities and skills. This Sharjah database indicates the reality of the women’s business landscape and shows the economic potential of women in the field of entrepreneurship. They are committed to the development process and are leading contributors to the advancement of the economy,” said Al Thani.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD, said that Emirati Women’s Day constitutes a clear message from the UAE’s leadership, which calls for empowering women in all fields and consolidating their role to serve in every sphere and sector. He reiterated his belief that women were a fundamental resource in the development of the country.

“Women in the UAE work in an environment that helps them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. The government’s efforts to support and empower women are in the interest of enabling them to realise their ambitions, which in turn reflects on society as a whole and contributes to the advancement of its economy. Emirati women are consistently proving their value through their work at all levels. They have shown their capability to undertake the most challenging positions and to excel at everything they turn their hands to,” said Al Qasimi.


“In line with the strategies for empowering women, DSCD – through its Sharjah Census 2015 – has been able to enumerate the percentage of women as leaders of business in the country. The results have shown that women occupy advanced economic positions, working in private and government sectors, as well as successfully establishing a business environment that is a key driver of the economy. The statistics from the census proves the prosperity of the business sector in the emirate, which has a strong presence of women,” he added.


An influential government body in Sharjah’s drive towards sustainable development, DSCD operates under the guidance of His Highness Dr. Sheikh His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council Ruler of Sharjah. In keeping with the UAE’s national vision, the department conducts social research and surveys to ensure the delivery of high quality community services, thereby supporting Sharjah’s development strategies that aim to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future for its citizens and for the citizens of the UAE.





  1. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani, Chairman of DSCD
  2. Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD



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